About us

Yowsah – The Nile Rodgers Experience from the Netherlands will let you experience a show which totally exist of Nile Rodgers music. The man is responsible for a huge arsenal of world hits. Think about: ‘Freak Out’, ‘Good Times’, ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘Get Lucky’. It’s one big party. You will hear songs at which you will think, “ is this also a song from him?” Yes it is!


The dutch band Yowsah is back together! Except drummer Wesley, who played at that time with his baby rattle, the band exists of members of the legendary partyband Yowzah! from the 90s and 00. In that time a fully booked act on different kind of events for instance at company events and dance classic parties. After a break of 10 years in which members experienced more with other bands, studios and theaters with a lot of productions and acts, it’s now time to give a fantastic show! That’s why not only the audience will revive the hits. Back in the days we said: ‘ The only band with dance guarantee’, now
we say: Good Times and Dance, Dance, Dance! If you want to have a successful party? Call Yowsah…

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers starts together with Bernard Edwards the band Chic. In the seventies they produced a lot of hits. Not only did they produce world hits with Chic, but also with Diana Ross and Sister Sledge. Later on illustrious names will follow like David Bowie, INXS, Madonna and Duran Duran. They all had hits with Nile and Bernard behind the scene. After the unexpected death of Bernard Edwards in 1996, Nile Rodgers continued the tradition with for example, number 1 hit ‘Get Lucky’ from Daft Punk.